School Goals

What do we want to accomplish this year?

Parkland Elementary School Growth Plan


At Parkland Elementary School, our core business is to help each child set goals that will prepare him/her for a successful future as a lifelong learner though: consistent assessment, visibly stated learning intentions, fierce conversations and team reflection.

Many factors contribute to student learning, but research shows that the most direct factor impacting student learning is effective teaching. (Stonge, 2010; Marzano, 2003, 2010; Hattie, 2003; Barber and Mourshed, 2007; Leithwood, 2009, etc.)

At Parkland Elementary School, we will cause learning and serve each learner.

Link to our 2018-2019 School Goals document

  Seven “C”‘s

1. Creativity (and Innovation)

2. Critical Thinking (Decision-making & Problem-Solving)

3. Collaboration (Teamwork & Leadership)

4. Cross-cultural Understanding

5. Communication

6. Curiosity (and Imagination)

7. Caring for Person & Environment