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5104 Parkland Road, PRRD, BC V1G 0J2

phone: 250 843 7777


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School Mission:

At Parkland Elementary School, our core business is to help each child set goals that will prepare him/her for a successful future as a lifelong learner though: consistent assessment, visibly stated learning intentions, fierce conversations and team reflection. Many factors contribute to student learning, but research shows that the most direct factor impacting student learning is effective teaching. (Stonge, 2010; Marzano, 2003, 2010; Hattie, 2003; Barber and Mourshed, 2007; Leithwood, 2009, etc.)

At Parkland Elementary School, we will cause learning and serve each learner.

 School Vision:

Our school will be a place where…Our learning will be creative, thoughtful and engaged. All individuals will maximize their potential.

School Profile:

Parkland is a rural school with 43 students in three multi-grade classes from Kindergarten to Grade 7.  We are located 25 km out on the Alaska Highway and then 4 km down Parkland Road.

It is a community school that serves five rural areas and all our students are bussed.  One of the greatest strengths of this school is the strong sense of community and the involvement of parents.  Our 2 day a week Strong Start program is a key component of the school. Many kindergarten students come well prepared for school.  Our staff is committed to using best practice and make every effort to know all of the students.  They also work hard at providing programs and activities to meet the needs of all students academically, emotionally and socially. We have a wonderful outdoor classroom to further enrich student learning.

Our students are friendly, strive to meet high expectations and often rise to the occasion as a group.  Our peer leadership program continues to thrive as our intermediate students take on leadership roles within the school helping as reading buddies, running morning announcements and helping with the hot lunch program. As well, our older students provide support during recess and lunch to our primary students, along with coordinating assemblies and other special presentations.

 Parent Involvement:

Our parents not only help to supervise and serve our weekly hot lunch program, they help to coordinate special events and supervise sports events and field trips.

We have good attendance at our open house, teacher interviews and performances. Our Parent Advisory Council meets monthly.  We have a dedicated PAC, which is well supported by the rest of our parents when specific jobs and activities are planned. Parkland parents are committed to making our school the best place for their children, and to that end, support our learning initiatives and school activities.