Bus Notes

If an emergency arises and arrangements must be changed, please contact the bus garage at 250-782-2106. Please do not call the school to change arrangements.

If your child is not riding or riding a different bus, a note is required. Please put your child’s full name on any notes. If your child stays for an after school activity, a bus note is also required. If no arrangements are made, the child will be sent home on the bus.  If a parent is not here by 2:00 pm to pick up the child, he or she will be sent home on the bus.

If there is a change in your child’s regular bus routine, a note is needed for all bus drivers involved.  (ie: two notes may be needed)  When you want to know if busses are running due to weather concerns, there is an automated bus line at 250-782 -1061 and the school district website’s main page (www.sd59.bc.ca) will be updated at 6:00 am each morning. There is also a bus alert message system that can send alerts to your phone. You need to sign up for it on the SD website.

Booklet from BC Center for Disease Control on Childhood diseases.

SD 59 School Bus Policies and Guidelines

Reporting to Parents

Formal written report cards will be sent home three times a year, in December, March and June.  In addition to three written report cards, informal reporting will occur at least twice during the school year.  Informal reporting may be in the form of parent-teacher interview; student led conferences, meetings, letters, and / or telephone calls.  Conferences may be held at any time throughout the year at the request of parents or teachers.

Individual Education Learning Plans  (IEP’s)

Students learn at different rates and should be given the opportunity to develop to their full potential. This is the philosophy of the school and the school district.  Students who experience difficulties meeting the expected learning outcomes of the grade level will be placed on an individual educational learning plan (IEP), so that the child can progress at his/her own pace and achieve specific goals for the term or year.  Parents will be asked to attend a school based meeting to discuss the strengths and needs of the child and to help formulate an individual plan for the student. There is also a booklet for parents explaining IEP’s. Parents can ask for it at the office.

Early Learning Room & Library

Our Strong Start will now take place in it’s own classroom next to the K-1-2 class.

Our library has it’s own room on the primary side of the school.

Other Polices Of Interest to Parents

Labeling of Clothing & Personal Property

Certain items (particularly boots, mitts, coats and lunch-kits) are lost each year and never recovered or returned. To address this problem, we strongly recommend that any items of clothing or property which are likely to be left anywhere in the school be clearly labeled with the student’s first and last name. We also encourage parents to look in the “lost and found” box as this is where we collect all the found items. The box is in the front lobby. Items in the lost and found are donated to charity each term end.

 Student Leadership

The following are some ways in which students are encouraged to take on leadership roles within our school:

Student Council

The student leadership team is formed each year to assist in the organization of activities and special days for the school.  The student council raises funds for the annual DCSS Parkland Bursary, the grade 7 citizenship award, and any current school activities.

Assemblies / Recycling/ Morning Announcements

Students lead assemblies,  collect and sort the weekly recycling, take responsibility for morning announcements, being Monitors in the primary classes at recess and lunch and doing kitchen duty every week. We also like to provide other leadership opportunities to our students in class, around the school and on the playground.

Homework Policy  (based on School Act Regulation)

–      No formal homework will be assigned to students in Kindergarten through Grade 3.

–      Up to 30 minutes/ day of homework may be assigned to students in Grade 4 through Grade 7.

Parents and students should discuss with their child’s teacher the expectations of work not completed during class time and consequences laid out for the class.

 Field Trips

Students who demonstrate behaviour that may endanger the safety of others will not be able to participate in activities such as field trips. If the school cannot be assured of the safety of others, that student or students will be required to remain at school where appropriate learning materials will be provided by the teacher. The teacher will discuss any child in this situation individually with the principal to determine the nature of the concern and teachers will contact parents to make alternate arrangements.

 Telephone Use

The school telephone is not to be used by students, except in the case of emergencies or important purposes authorized by a staff member. We have only one phone line for the school and we need to keep it open for emergencies. We encourage parents to communicate their daily plans with the students and to write a note for the student should they need to communicate changes to the teacher. We recognize that at times, parents need to get a message to their children due to unforeseen circumstances. However, we ask that parents keep messages to a minimum, as often due to the busy day, we cannot always guarantee that the message will reach the child. Please refer to the secretary hours for the best times to call.

 Student Dress Code

Students are expected to dress in a neat and appropriate manner conducive to a serious learning environment (no bare tummies, no spaghetti straps, no rude sayings or pictures on t-shirts).

  • Students are expected to have a pair of shoes solely for inside use.
  • Outside footwear is to be removed at the door.
  • In the gymnasium, inside shoes should be non-marking and appropriate for gym use (no flip-flops or high heels).
  • Students to be dressed in proper inside and outside attire for all weather conditions.
  • Whenever possible, clothing should be labeled with the students name.  Unclaimed Lost & Found items are donated at the end of each month.
  • Students are required to wear helmets on the skating rink during school hours. Helmets are also required if students ride their bikes to school.

Hats & Shoes Off

Students are expected to remove outdoor footwear in the mudrooms. Mud rooms are for storage of footwear only. Please help your child to remember not to leave valuables or clothing in the mud rooms. Indoor or gym shoes should be worn inside the school. This enables us to keep our school floors clean for a longer period of time as well as to eliminate unnecessary dust within the school for those students who have allergies. Hats are to be off within the building as a gesture of courtesy and reinforcement of proper manners.